Sunday, March 10, 2013


A beautiful sunrise inside the Kaziranga Kohora Range.

The Karbi Anglong jungles.

The cottages at ARANYA GUEST HOUSE.


My dad,at the reception,ARANYA.

My parents ,at the dinning hall at ARANYA.

My husband,at the Aranya guest house.
The Karbi Anglong Village.

The Rubber Plantation at Karbi Anglong.

Though its almost end of winter season ,that we planned for a 2N stay inside the Kaziranga National Park( Assam), It was pretty cold with the dusk..... We were having a booking at ARANYA Guest House( ATDC) at Kohora rage of Kaziranga.By the time we reached the guest house it was 5:50pm( almost dark) & we were damme tired after almost 8/9hrs of drive from Shillong. Aranya guest house is located  amidst dense jungle & Hathikuli teaestate. The Cottages were really good,even the other rooms at the guest house are really huge in size  & quite comfortable.We thought to have an early dinner & go off to sleep....It was simple Dal,sabji,Alubhaji,roti & soup after a cup of green tea to satisfy our hunger in the dense jungle.We couldn't realise the extent of the dense jungle area surround us, amidst darkness.....After the dinner,my husband asked me to go along with him for an evening walk around the guest house. I thought,its really a cool idea to experience the surrounding...... It was really cold & we covered ourself with lots of woollens before we started off.............. Oh,God the buzzing sound of the beetles really added to the charm of the atmosphere... As we walked out of the main gate of the guest house, it was totally a narrow zigzag road...though was feeling bit uncomfortable but I walked along.................. Good lord ' the electricity  went off...................; its total dark now & I feared for any animal to pounch onto us......the Kaziranga postoffice showed a small emergency lit light & rest total darkness..... though,my husband wanted to walkon but I stopped & wished to return back just before the Hathikuli teaestate begin ....its a crazy idea to take chance as we aren't familiar with the place.We returned back... Thank God ,our guest house had backup power service ,So I was happy that it won't become difficult to chargeup my cameras & mobiles for the next thrilling day inside the dense jungles of Kaziranga.
    It was becoming very difficult to sleep,the buzzy sound of beetles ,nutcrackers---- just crazy atmosphere!!!! It was 4:30am as i wokeup from sleep & thought to  enjoy the break of dawn atmosphere amidst the jungles....It was 5:15am as it started to clearup...........Oh my god ," wakeup goutam" .....i shouted to my husband,......our guest house is located amidst the dense jungles of KARBI ANGLONG..." was my first expression. I heard of this place many a time earlier but never realised we are in its vicinity......Watched & filmed the sunrise from our balcony.The day ahead was quite exciting & thrilling as we were to take onto our jeepsafari into the Kaziranga's Kohora rage jungle(35kms inside).
        By afternoon,we just felt so lazy---just eatting & strolling around; Our driver, lal ,wanted us to drive into the Karbi Anglong villages & enjoy the ways of living of the local people. It was really good idea to visit the place..... Saw an ethenic village type of display of lovely huts amidst the jungles.(it is often hired by people for a stay experience in this thatched huts :Courtesy the forest deptt.)..... Visited 2 more resorts in these jungle areas...IORA RESORT is quite familiar with foreign tourist & looked quite expensive for a stay..... I found,Aranya ,a better choice for a stay...even there's dormatories & less priced rooms in its vicinity..... We ended the day with our shopping spree of HATHIKULI GREEN TEA(just Rs 120/half a kg)......
     As the darkess poured in , its time we enjoy everymoment  of our leftover time in these jungles.....

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